About Compare My Radio

Compare My Radio tracks UK radio stations' "now playing" information and makes sense of it so you don't have to.

About the engine

Imagine a big robot which listens to the majority of the music being broadcast in the UK, and taking notes on what is being played by all the top radio stations. That's what we've built. Just keep in mind robots can occasionally get distracted by plans to take over the world, so use this site as a guide only.*

We've teamed up with Radiomonitor to be make this process more accurate, and it allows us to add data for stations who are unable to track everything they play on their specialist shows.

About the product

Compare My Radio allows you to quickly compare radio stations' "now playing" information so that you can get the lowdown on whether a station is suitable for your music tastes.

We find nice ways to publish the robot data to let you quickly compare UK radio stations to find the right soundtrack to for you.

The main way to do this is to quickly compare the output of two stations to see which one is better suited to you, whether you're a big Jess Glynne fan or a lover of George Ezra.

And if you get tired of hearing the same songs all the time, then you can check out the variety gauge for each station, which shows how many different tracks are on the playlist for each station. It's like a virtual currency for how varied a stations playlist is.

*OK it's not a robot and just a computer in a corner somewhere. It's just more fun to think of it as a robot

The stations monitored are listened to by over 31 million people in the UK or 61% of the 15+ population according to official audience figures (Rajar Q4 2009).